Dairy Healthcare

  • A majority of the sericulture farmers in India also maintain dairy farms. Given our expertise in animal health domain, we provide a value added service to the farmers with our selective range of products for dairy
  • Serimin Diamond: A bio-mineral based formulation releasing required minerals both in rumen and intestine along with bypass methionine, protein and fat and necessary inputs for protein synthesis. Continuous use of the product increases both quality and yield of milk.
  • SeRegain: A product suited to provide immediate energy and nutrients, when cattle are in deep stress immediately after calving.
  • SuperQuinol DY: A product containing chlorohydroxyquinoline, yeast and electrolytes for arresting running stool.
  • SerIodine Vet: Silk protein based rapid wound healing ointment for largeanimals.
SuperQuinol Y – combination of CHQ and probiotic yeast as growth promoter
SeriMin D - chelated mineral for dairy cattle