Animal Health
  • Sericare has collective experience of more than 50 years in understanding animal nutrition and formulating innovative feed additives that make animals healthy and perform better in terms of productivity and produce. Sericare ,with its knowledge in nature identical molecules, chemistry and botanicals is proud to offer innovative and unique products to the poultry and dairy industry.
  • SuperG: A natural product containing cordyceps and essential oils, free of antibiotics. The product significantly enhances the immunity levels, when the birds are in severe production stress and promotes growth.
  • SuperQuinol OS:A synergistic product with potentiated chlorohydroxyquinoline, selected organic acid salts and glucomannan - found to be effective against all pathogens including salmonella and clostridia.
  • Triquinol 13.5%*: A growth promoter containing chlorohydroxyquinoline exclusively made for our partner Biocare Agro, Bangladesh.
  • VithalG: A liquid general health promoting product containing all essential minerals in bio-available form, key amino acids and goodness of mulberry leaf with its high order anti-oxidant activity.
  • VithalAcid:A blend of undissociated and dissociated organic acids, hydroxy acids and essential oils designed carefully to accommodate the pH variation in the GI tract.
  • SerOxine Cu: A unique chemical product containing oxine copper and selected organic acids, which inhibits mold formation in feed and feed ingredients at very low usage level.
  • SanitechSuper: A safe, environment friendly potent chlorine dioxide based microcide, found to be very useful for disinfection of water, equipment, and declogging of water line.

* brand name owned by Biocare Agro in Bangladesh